Friday, August 10, 2012

Do you LOVE your job?

I can honestly say that I love my job. I really do love it.. I am happy to go it...when I have a break from it I miss it. I work at an elementary school in my community. We have around 300 kids and 2 of each grade level K-5. I work with a talented bunch of people who inspire me everyday. The best part of my job is the kids.
No I am not a teacher.. my official title is school secretary. I actually like to think of myself as school mom. I  I answer phones, take messages, get lost book bags where they go, dry tears, give hugs, encourage, supervise, take temps, hand out medicine, keep track of who is who and where they go, and that is just some of the stuff I do everyday.
One of my favorite things about my job is all the time it allows me to spend with my kids, since we are all on the same schedule, but then again the kids at school are pretty awesome too. I consider myself lucky to have this wonderful job.. it doesn't pay a lot it has its perks. Its a job I am proud to have, I feel like I make a difference, and I feel like the people I work with appreciate me. My job has taught me a lot about patience, kindness and empathy. So I guess in the end you really can't put a price tag on happiness. 

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