Friday, July 20, 2012

Frappe Anyone?

I just love those frappes that you get from Starbucks, McDonalds or wherever they serve them. I don't like how much they set me back though! So I set out to find a recipe make them. I used coffee, milk and flavored creamer.. no quite the mix I was looking for. Then found a recipe that got me kind of excited with hot chocolate drink powder.. fail! I finally decided to try out my own mix. I bought some half and half at Aldi's for $1.39 see I am already up a few dollars! I refrigerated my leftover coffee from that morning, ice and good old chocolate syrup. Many of the recipes I have seen call for STRONG coffee and suggest using double the amount of coffee to brew a pot that you normally would. I feel like the coffee I brew everyday is already pretty strong so I opted to use my "leftovers" ( I actually never have coffee leftovers) I combined all the ingredients added some sugar set my blender to "frappe" for a few mins. I left off the whip because I really don't care for it on my coffee anyway. It turned out yummy! I definitely will not pay $5 for one of these again! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What did you make for lunch?

I have to admit that being off work since June 1st (I work at a school) I have had a lot of time on my hands. I have been putting on my wonder mom cape. Honestly when I am working and getting kids from here to there.. I don't normally MAKE the time for these projects. So today was lunch... I have seen many variations of this one on PINTERST.. I love all the ideas I can find here and I have had so much fun trying them out. So this one was one you could eat. I tried it on my kids. I used to Jiffy Corn Muffin Mixes and 4 all beef hot dogs. I mixed the muffin mix according the box directions, while I was letting my muffin mix rest I sliced my hot dogs up in small pieces ( I cut "slices" and then halved those slices).  I added a small amount of muffin mix to the pan (I made 12 muffins) then I added a few of the hot dog slices and topped with more muffin mix. I baked them at 400 for 20 mins. I served them with ketchup and mustard. My kids gobbled them up even Shelby who said she didn't like that (without trying them) ate one. I will definitely add this to my repertoire 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mommy and Me Journals

Yet again I have found another pinterest project using my favorite scrapbook papers.. I had some leftover from my iPhone covers so in searching I found this idea So I went and bought some notebooks, ribbon and glue sticks at Dollar tree... 
I changed my journal a bit, the author of the blog where I found this idea used fabric and mod podge... I elected to just use paper and glue. I traced the notebook onto the paper and them cut the paper to size. I then used the glue stick to attach paper to note book.
Once I had the paper attached to the note book I added a ribbon.. I simply threaded it through the spiral of the notebook tied it to keep it secure then tied the ribbon in a bow. Easy Peasey! I think they turned out great and I think I will make more for gifts in the future.
So here is my finished product 
I love how they turned out. I plan on giving one to each of my daughters. We can exchange them back and forth and write our dreams, wishes, and whatever else comes to mind... I think this is going to make a wonderful keepsake in years to come! 

Nail biting....

I have bit my nails for as long as I can remember.. for almost any reason I would chew away at my nails and my cuticles making my hands a horrible mess. I have quit three times before this but have never lasted this long. Each time I have quit before was after the birth of each of my three daughters. For some reason this time feels different. I have been getting a bi-weekly manicure to encourage and reward myself. So here is my progress...
This was when I first stopped biting my daughter and Taylor painted our nails together... looks bad I know but it really was progress at the time.

This was after my first salon manicure! I really was feeling good about my nails the day I went to get this mani.. until the technician said to me.. "your nails are very short" ..
So this manicure was a little over two weeks from the first one I got. I am so proud of myself.. and I am really hoping I am officially done with this nasty habit of nail biting. Unfortunately I have passed the habit to two of my girls... but they have both been trying to give up the chewing habit! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY iPhone Cover

So I have really been enjoying finding crafts and other projects on pinterest that I can actually do and come out with a half way decent looking finished product. I found this Iphone cover idea

So off to hobby lobby to find some scrapbook paper. My head was spinning and my 2 year old was screaming her head off so I only ended up with four or five sheets of scrap book paper. Give me 10 mins without kids and I could have left with a lot more! LOL 
So this was VERY easy I ordered plain plastic cases from Amazon for about 2.50 a piece. I believe there are some more protective cases out there, since this was a test run I decided to try something not so expensive. All you need is a pen or pencil to make your stencil, scissors, exact o knife and scrapbook paper. I trace around my iPhone, then cut that out, once I had it cut out I had to do a little trim work, once I had the paper fit in the case. I stenciled the hole for camera/flash then using an exact o knife I cut the hole out.. and PRESTO.. I have a new iPhone cover. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

To do or To don't ?

I have probably made a zillion of these list in my life time- 
I wish I could say that I finished a zillion of these in my lifetime, in fact I get so frustrated with to do list, the often become to don't list. I really do have good intentions of having a magazine worthy home.. spic and span clean from top to bottom. Spic and Span? Wow I am really showing my age! Do they still make the stuff? I prefer the "lick and a promise" clean! 
My life is hectic so if I don't make list I do often "forget things" 
I mean who I am I kidding, I am really a procrastinator! Since I am on summer vacation and don't work my job, I am home with my 3 girls 7,8 and 2 going on 12! So my summer consist of putting everything off til "tomorrow". I decided this summer would be different so I am proud to say that I have organized 3 rooms in my house plus a closet. I am currently working on the kitchen and my love nest (master bedroom)... It might be only 15 mins a day but I try to devote at least that much time to taking care of the to do list. I think it only took me a week to finish this one! 

Besides I have more important things to do like making memories with my 3 girls. :)