Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm cleaning out my closet literally.....

I know we all have one.. maybe your's is a drawer. Mine is a closet... and when you live in a two bedroom house with 3 kids... space is at a premium. I despise this closet... when I open it I cringe. I call it the catch all.. company coming? Great open the closet and throw this in. I have managed to put everything from Christmas ornaments to a jigsaw in there. I stuff and stuff things in there. It gets so bad that you have push stuff in just to get the door shut.

I had already taken out over half of what was in the closet to begin when I took the picture. The "stuff" was piled waist high and you couldn't see the floor.

At some point my 7 year old daughter wander in and had lots of questions about alot of the stuff that was in there. Lots of pictures, clothes that kids don't fit, that one shoe that we never could find, too bad the other one has since went to the shoe graveyard. Eventually I was able to remove everything from the closet. It felt so good to have it completely empty. My 8 year old daughter who is desperate to have her own room asked if she could make it her own room. Don't laugh but I did comsider it!!

Ok so S isn't getting a new room just yet! Now I all the things I had pulled out of the closet strung out all over the house. So I started going through all the piles and putting things in storage boxes which I had plenty of.. I parted with alot of things that I have been holding onto for no reason really. I feel so good about how clean the closet is now..
Now to keep it looking this way! I give myself 6 months! lol

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