Friday, July 20, 2012

Frappe Anyone?

I just love those frappes that you get from Starbucks, McDonalds or wherever they serve them. I don't like how much they set me back though! So I set out to find a recipe make them. I used coffee, milk and flavored creamer.. no quite the mix I was looking for. Then found a recipe that got me kind of excited with hot chocolate drink powder.. fail! I finally decided to try out my own mix. I bought some half and half at Aldi's for $1.39 see I am already up a few dollars! I refrigerated my leftover coffee from that morning, ice and good old chocolate syrup. Many of the recipes I have seen call for STRONG coffee and suggest using double the amount of coffee to brew a pot that you normally would. I feel like the coffee I brew everyday is already pretty strong so I opted to use my "leftovers" ( I actually never have coffee leftovers) I combined all the ingredients added some sugar set my blender to "frappe" for a few mins. I left off the whip because I really don't care for it on my coffee anyway. It turned out yummy! I definitely will not pay $5 for one of these again! 

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