Sunday, July 1, 2012

To do or To don't ?

I have probably made a zillion of these list in my life time- 
I wish I could say that I finished a zillion of these in my lifetime, in fact I get so frustrated with to do list, the often become to don't list. I really do have good intentions of having a magazine worthy home.. spic and span clean from top to bottom. Spic and Span? Wow I am really showing my age! Do they still make the stuff? I prefer the "lick and a promise" clean! 
My life is hectic so if I don't make list I do often "forget things" 
I mean who I am I kidding, I am really a procrastinator! Since I am on summer vacation and don't work my job, I am home with my 3 girls 7,8 and 2 going on 12! So my summer consist of putting everything off til "tomorrow". I decided this summer would be different so I am proud to say that I have organized 3 rooms in my house plus a closet. I am currently working on the kitchen and my love nest (master bedroom)... It might be only 15 mins a day but I try to devote at least that much time to taking care of the to do list. I think it only took me a week to finish this one! 

Besides I have more important things to do like making memories with my 3 girls. :) 

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