Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nail biting....

I have bit my nails for as long as I can remember.. for almost any reason I would chew away at my nails and my cuticles making my hands a horrible mess. I have quit three times before this but have never lasted this long. Each time I have quit before was after the birth of each of my three daughters. For some reason this time feels different. I have been getting a bi-weekly manicure to encourage and reward myself. So here is my progress...
This was when I first stopped biting my daughter and Taylor painted our nails together... looks bad I know but it really was progress at the time.

This was after my first salon manicure! I really was feeling good about my nails the day I went to get this mani.. until the technician said to me.. "your nails are very short" ..
So this manicure was a little over two weeks from the first one I got. I am so proud of myself.. and I am really hoping I am officially done with this nasty habit of nail biting. Unfortunately I have passed the habit to two of my girls... but they have both been trying to give up the chewing habit! 

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