Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY iPhone Cover

So I have really been enjoying finding crafts and other projects on pinterest that I can actually do and come out with a half way decent looking finished product. I found this Iphone cover idea

So off to hobby lobby to find some scrapbook paper. My head was spinning and my 2 year old was screaming her head off so I only ended up with four or five sheets of scrap book paper. Give me 10 mins without kids and I could have left with a lot more! LOL 
So this was VERY easy I ordered plain plastic cases from Amazon for about 2.50 a piece. I believe there are some more protective cases out there, since this was a test run I decided to try something not so expensive. All you need is a pen or pencil to make your stencil, scissors, exact o knife and scrapbook paper. I trace around my iPhone, then cut that out, once I had it cut out I had to do a little trim work, once I had the paper fit in the case. I stenciled the hole for camera/flash then using an exact o knife I cut the hole out.. and PRESTO.. I have a new iPhone cover. 

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